Thursday, September 6, 2007

BLESS A SOLDIER...AND ALSO THE FAMILY thru donations of "A Soldier's Strength from the Psalms" to OPERATION GRATITUDE!

More exciting news...I have connected with OPERATION GRATITUDE, an all volunteer, non-profit organization which sends 20,000-50,000 packages to our deployed men and women around the world in two huge campaigns a year: The Holiday Campaign: October1-December15 and the Patriotic Campaign: April-June 15.

They have agreed to accept my book, "A Soldier's Strength from the Psalms" in their packages for those who would love to "Bless A Soldier". If you go to the following website, you can order the book(s) and have them sent directly to OPERATION GRATITUDE. My publisher created it to make things easy to be part of this awesome group's work. OPERATION GRATITUDE will send you a tax deduction receipt within 3 months! Here it is:

Sooooooooooo, if you are looking for a place that blesses our soldiers and you want to be part of that, please consider donating beginning in October! May the blessings come back to you!!!

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