Thursday, January 5, 2012

An exciting endorsement from Josh McDowell for Healing for the Holes in Our Souls

On January 5th, Josh Mc Dowell endorsed my book Healing for the Holes in Our Souls.  Josh's ministry is in its 50th year.  He has authored and co-authored 77 books.  His Evidence that Demands a Verdict is recognized as Christianity's 14th best selling book of the 20th century.  I am so very honored to have this endorsement.  He will also provide a link for my book and offer a sample chapter as a link on his website and that will be included here soon. Here is what he says about the book:

     "Healing for the Holes in Our Souls balances practical questions about healing emotional and spiritual wounds with wonderful applications of biblical insight.  I would encourage you if you've been sexually abused to purchase this book."

Josh D. McDowell

Link to Josh McDowell website click on the help section and scroll down to books for Healing for the Holes in Our Souls.

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