Friday, January 3, 2014

All This Newness...

Each December 31st, I prepare my new calendar with all the notations of events or tasks I need to remember for the new year.  They come from looking at last year's calendar.  I do the same for the journal I keep each day.  It is a poignant time I spend preparing for all the newness of the blank pages yet to be filled by perusing the filled pages of last year's journal. Loss and gain, the unexpected and the expected are recorded often in the same day!    

The older I become (now in the last category you can check on all written forms), the more I am grateful for understanding how the old and the new need to be next to one another.  I am blessed to be part of several things, including my church, where the new will always be an interjection alongside the time honored and well-respected. 

The new is a shot in the arm to perspective that has become too settled or shortsighted.( Maybe, I should just tell it like it is...too stubborn to receive!) It is the B-12 we all need!

 The old is the firm foundation on which to build the new. Hand in hand they are a dynamo from which the next generation catapults its additions to the ideas, inventions, and  progress of tomorrow.

I hope that I never lose my fascination with the new, nor my ability to take what God has chosen to show me through it.  Equally, I pray that I may always interject the wisdom that it has taken a lifetime of gleaning to gain.  How blessed I am to be asked for it more often than expected. It is not is based on God's Word.  Many times new crossroads appeared on my path.  I needed consultation with the ancient well of timeless wisdom before making my choices. 

It is time for me to get back to something new I need to attend to. I pray a blessing on the blending of the new and old of 2014.

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