Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Giving Voice to the Right Words

Due to the fact that my upcoming surgery will deal with an area close to my voice box, I have been conscious of the things I give voice to.  It is just crazy what comes out of my mouth at times.  The Lord must shake his head as he questions, "Why on earth did she say that?"  I am sure the angels assigned to guard me must also query some of my comments.

I have such a tendency to speak before I think...a bad habit I have had since childhood.  It is my prayer, however, that "the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart may be acceptable to you, O God" and also, that my "yes" would be "yes" and my "no" would be "no".  Proverbs tells me that even a fool, when quiet, may be considered wise. 

What I give voice to matters...right words matter.  I want my words to encourage, to line up with God's Word, to be like "apples of gold in pitchers of silver."  I want them to come from faith and not doubt, spirit and not flesh, peace that passes understanding not contention and confusion that lead to every kind of trouble.

Well, I think less is more today and so I will let my prayer be to surrender to the one who lives within me that I will give voice to the right words this day.

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