Friday, March 1, 2013

New Places To Walk With Faith

by: Sharon L. Patterson

I made the appointment as directed;
Since the doctor confirmed what I detected-
An unwelcomed bump
That had grown to a lump
On my thyroid gland.
"Surgery will  have to be part of the plan,"
Said my ENT specialist yesterday.
My reply
With an anxious sigh.
Inside I thought, "Now I am in need
 Of what I have often sown as seed
In the lives of friends and family:
"Oh Lord, it is me,
Who has new places to walk
Leaning on the faith of which I talk."
I am not shy to share
this new care.
With those I trust
Who understand prayer is a must
To keep the faith flame,
In Jesus Name,
Burning strong
All day long.
I know I'll be fine
As friends' faith locks with mine
And we look 
to the book
That grounds it all 
And call
On our God who is the beginning
And sustainer of all healing.

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